Summer Snow

From water droplet to snow crystal

The importance of snow making in winter

... insightful, illustrated, descriptive, and beautifully presented!


The exhibition room is in the pump building at Preunegg Jet’s top station.

Open to visitors daily from 9 am to 5 pm.


On request, we can organise guided expert tours for groups. 
Please contact us on 06454/7357 or email us at

The Summer Snow exhibition explores and explains snow making and its importance. Learn how elaborate it is, what lies underneath the surface, how much input is necessary, the need for specific know-how, the use of cutting-edge technology, and all about the motivated, enthusiastic team working on it.

Naturally, snow making also leads to high costs.


AND it shows that our reliable snow conditions across our beautiful ski runs from early winter to after Easter are not a matter of course, but can only be offered through great input in many areas.


Download Snow Making Folder - it's very interesting!




The Reiteralm team is looking forward to your visit!

... for great ski runs in winter!

... some impressions of a Summer Snow visit