Video Fageralm

Why do more and more visitors spend their day skiing on Fageralm?


  • On Fageralm, you have room on the pistes! Wide, gentle ski-runs await you.
  • On Fageralm, enjoy long hours of sun, even during the cold of January.
  • On Fageralm, relax into rowdies-free skiing. It is one of the safest ski resorts.
  • On Fageralm, you ski only on natural snow. Only runs to the valley have added artificial snow.
  • On Fageralm, no one gets lost. There are no connected resorts to drift into.
  • On Fageralm, you will be pampered with culinary treats and personal service at the ski huts. Rustic mountain huts will warm your body and soul.
  • On Fageralm, relax into your skiing on the sunny high plateau, with a stunning mountain backdrop.
  • On Fageralm, you can unwind, on Fageralm you can enjoy your day out skiing to the fullest; on Fageralm, "stress" is a not a word, on Fageralm it is only YOU who counts!
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