Men's EC Races 2012

Men's EC Races

27th - 29th November 2012

Sprint Downhill and Super G

World Cup slope Gasselhöhe


Tuesday, 27th November, 2012
9.30 am: start training (1st run)
6.00 pm team captain's meeting

Wednesday, 28th November, 2012
9.30 am: start (1st run)
1 hour after end of 1st run
Start 2nd run Downhill

1 hour after end of 2nd run

6.00 pm team captain's meeting 

Thursday, 29th November, 2012
9.30 am: start Super G

ca. 1 hour after end of race

28th November, 2012: Sprint Downhill - with 2 runs

1st run: start 8.45 am
2nd run: start 11.30 am

Slope: World Cup slope Gasselhöhe
Height start: 1860 m
Height finish: 1410 m


Results Sprint Downhill 28th November, 2012



... here some pictures of the sprint downhill race...  congratulations to the winners :-) !

29th November, 2012: Super G

Start: 09.30 am
Course: Gasselhöhe
Course setter: Serra Alexxandro (ITA)
Height start: 1860 m
Heitht finish: 1410 m
Number of gates: 34


Results Men's EC Super-G

... here some pictures of the super-g race...  congratulations to the winners :-) !

Contributors at the men's EC races 2012

... together we can do a lot!


Thank you for the great work!

27th November, 2012: EC-Downhill training

Training runs were held in perfect conditions on the Gasselhöhe slope.


Results Training on 27th November, 2012

Check out some photos. Thanks to all  the helping hands!