Guided tour through the mine in Obertal

26.05. - 27.10.2021, Uhr | every Wednesday

In the Bromriesen mine, visitors have a true sense of what it must have felt like back in the past having to earn your living under some of the most difficult conditions imaginable. In the dark, outfitted only with headlamps, the mine guide leads you via ladders deep into the mine system. The former mining methods, such as setting fires, chiseling and laying explosives, are still evident to this day. The unique below-ground experience allows you to immerse yourself in the mystical life led by miners. The interplay of being impressed and feeling a few uneasy butterflies has caused many a visitor to climb back down into the mine yet again at a later date. It is impossible to imagine a more impressive way to experience history!

Mine tours are offered through the tourist office, registration required:
The guided expedition through Bromriesen silver mine is an exciting experience regardless of the weather. Ankle-high hiking boots (!), heave-duty trousers, surefootedness and good physical condition are musts – an alpine hike with a steep climb to the mine entrance. Children must be 6 or older. Minimum participation 5 people. The tour lasts about 3.5 hours.

Safety Precaution Covid-19:

* Wash and/or disinfect hands
* Keep distance !!!
* Wearing a FFP2 mask if the distance is undercut.
* Proof of a low epidemiological risk (recovered, tested or vaccinated).

For the protection of all, we appeal to your personal responsibility and compliance with applicable safety precautions! 


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